Conversations with Music My Mother Would Not Like

"Conversations with Music My Mother Would Not Like" consists of in-depth conversations with singer/songwriters about their new works, their influences, and future plans. 

Latest Episodes:

#009 Eric Herman & Corey Wilhelm Of Bombino 

This was an in-depth conversation about the band Bombino with band's manager Eric Herman and the band's drummer Corey Wilhelm. We talk about the challenges of touring in the United States with all it's visa requirements for internationals, the worries of a touring band during Covid 19 and building a larger following from the existing fan base. Corey spoke candidly about the joys of working with his band mates in spite language barriers. In the introduction to the podcast, I talk about a link to an introduction to the band. It is a concise explanation about the band, you can find it at: . Check out the band on the road; they have an extensive tour schedule and will hopefully come to a city near you. Big thanks to Eric Herman, Modiba Management, Corey Wilhelm, fast and loud drummer of Bombino, Steven Howard, Asheville FM for connecting the dots to secure the interview from WSFM-LP 103.3 . Big thanks to the sponsors and

#008 Martyn Joseph 

This conversation with Welsh singer / songwriter Martyn Joseph began as a frank discussion about his last album 1960. Like many conversations, it went in a couple of directions at the same time. This is a candid recording of what should be a Welsh National Treasure. Martyn talks openly about the background of the record, his own wishes, upcoming tours and records. You will quickly see why he is one of my favorite artists on the current tour.

Episode #000 The Black Feathers 

Special episode and thus numbered as #000. The is a fun conversation with Sian Chandler & Ray Hughes, musical duo known to all as The Black Feathers. The duo are preparing to embark on an extensive tour of North America in two parts. I caught up with them in their home studio in Wales on a cold Sunday evening - a little less than two weeks before their departure to the US. We talked about getting back on the road, the new album, and breakfast in America. They will be releasing a new album in July of this year called ANGEL DUST AND CYANIDE. More information about the band and the upcoming tour at Conversations at Music My Mother Would not like is grateful for the sponsorship it receives from and You can more information at

Episode #007 Steve Poltz 

Marvelous free flowing conversation with Singer / Songwriter Steve Poltz. Sponsors:

#006 Charlie Parr 

Conversation with singer / songwriter Charlie Parr. Sponsors:

#005 Brad Raley 

In depth conversation with Brad Raley, musician's booking agent or 'Booker'. We talk about the future of the Hybrid Concert, concerns for the safety of the artists on the road and in the venues. Sponsors:

#004 Rod Picott Slaid Cleaves 

Deep dive with Rod Picott & Slaid Cleaves about their unique methods of co-writing songs. Rod and Slaid have co-written 25 songs together over the years that Rod has put into a special two cd package called WOOD, STEEL, DUST & DREAMS. Sponsors:

#003 Annie Sumi 

Candid interview with singer / songwriter Annie Sumi about her latest album SOLASTALGIA Sponsors: